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Luis Valentino


Professional Overview



Luis Valentino is the Chief Academic Officer of Portland Public Schools.

Luis is a pragmatic Education Executive with leadership experience in both K-12 and higher education. With his proven track record of leading large-scale initiatives in complex organizations, he is an invaluable asset to any school district. Valentino has the skill needed in order to effect transformational change.

In his role as Chief Academic Officer for Portland Public Schools, Luis Valentino builds systems and structures that promote powerful teaching and learning experiences for both students and staff alike. Additionally, he creates relationships across schools and communities through his open and honest communication.

Luis earned his Bachelor of Science in Communications from The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX. From there, he went on to earn his Master of Arts in Instructional Technology from California State University at Los Angeles. Next, Valentino received his Master of Science in Education Administration from Pepperdine University. Next, Valentino earned his Ed. D. from The University of California at Los Angeles. His dissertation thesis was Teacher Study Groups and Their Influence on Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Social Justice Issues. 

In June 2020, Luis Valentino received his CAEL, certificate of advanced education leadership, from Harvard University. With this kind of educational experience, it is no wonder that Luis Valentino has made a significant difference in each and every district in which he was worked. His passion and drive for student, staff, parent, and overall community success are what drives him to succeed.

As the Chief Academic Officer for Portland Public Schools, Valentino has increased grant funding for STEAM initiatives and developed the Arts and Athletics Master Plans.  This move ensured expanded visual and performing arts and athletics learning options and diverse pathway opportunities. Additionally, in the role, Luis Valentino has developed a PK-20 integrated instructional framework. This framework includes a standards-based core curriculum across disciplines, integrated curriculum and instruction, an enhanced College and Career Readiness concept, an enhanced STEAM initiative, embedded professional learning and leadership, and equity-informed decision-making. That initiative directly led to the graduation rate increasing to 83.7%.

Luis Valentino is a member of the International Association of Coaching, Center for Leadership and Educational Research, and a founding member of the Institute for Language and Education Policy. He was awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award by the United Teachers of Los Angeles in 2005. Valentino also earned the Friend of Parents Award,
and Leadership Recognition from MALDEF, in Los Angeles, in 2003.

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